Thursday, November 12, 2020

No Pics Today

 Just wanted to drop a line.  Veterans Day was yesterday and for once, I actually had the day off from work!  A buddy, retired Marine Corps Gunnery Sergeant, texted and asked if I wanted to shoot 18 holes at the Oceana Naval Air Station Tomcat Golf Course.  But of course I do!  

With it being Veterans Day, all sorts of good stuff out there for veterans to enjoy so we started the day at Denny's for breakfast.  We shot our 18 holes (no....I will not let you know the final shot count!) and as we were cleaning up he asked "Where's lunch?"  Checked an e-mail I received from the VA and read of a list.  Got to Red Robin which was offering a double cheeseburger and endless steak fries and the decision was made.  Off we went.  Got there and there was a bit of a wait but soon we were inside enjoying the burgers and soft drinks (I was driving and Gunny does not drink).  Of course, in both cases, we took care of our waitresses.  

I did take a minute out of my day to remember the original meaning of the day...Armistice Day.  Hard to imagine the that the whole world celebrates the day that the "War to end all wars".  

In a small town in Kansas outside Wichita there is a tiny Catholic church with a cemetery.   To the left side my Grandfather, Grandmother, and other members of my family are buried.  To the right is a tombstone that has always stood out.  It is tall and on its face is a photo.  The photo is of a young man in a WWI uniform.  The date on the stone  states he died in October of 1918.  Forever young.  I often wonder of the sights he saw and the deeds he performed.  Either way, his life was cut short on some muddy field in France.  

I know the day is not to memorialize the dead, that is Memorial Day.  But in the original intent of the day, one cannot forget them.


Gorges Smythe said...

Since history is either ignored or lied about in school these days, few young people know what it's all about. The meaning will die with us old codgers.

Coffee Man said...

Ya know? I really hate to think of myself as "old" but it seems that way more and more everyday.