Thursday, August 26, 2010

Coffee on the ship continues to rot the lining of my stomach....but yet, I still drink the stuff! I am amazed at my tenacity in this matter.

Well, I retire next June, 21 years in the Corps. A lifetime I am telling you. Seen stuff and been places that my friends can only dream about.

Now i have to find the elusive job in this economy. What has the United States come to? Can you really see this country being the same as it was when we grew up? I do hope my kids are able to havethe same experiences that I did growing up...but it is looking grim.

Well, we always have coffee. A hot cup, or over ice.....refreshing!! Been drinking a Trader Joes blend lately at home...DIner Coffee. Very tasty I must admit.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Been a while

Well, had to say good bye last Friday to my best friend at work. He was transferred to Japan. Going to miss having coffee with him and discussing what is pissing us off that day. He reminded me of what our old CO used to say...."Wasp is a good ship but we can really screw up a cup of coffee!" Hands down the worst coffee on the waterfront. But I still drink thestuff. Guess I am a glutton for punishment.