Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Well, I did it! I passed the dreaded National Registry for Emergency Medical Technicians (NREMT) test! I am a fully certified EMT now! The test was no joke. There were things on that test that i had no idea about. The best I could do was to read the question....read it again....and again....read the answers...read the question and the answers....sit back and breathe deep and make the most educated guess that I possibly could. I called my brother, he teaches the Paramedic course in my hometown back in Kansas and is an RN to boot, and he told me "Welcome to being an EMT, where educated guesses are a way of life." I took longer on each question on this test than I have on any other test I thnk I have ever taken. Seriously, I must have spent a solid minute or two on each one! the test scares you also....it just cuts off when it feels you have answered enough to prove your knowledge. No notice, just cuts off. The worse part is you have no idea if you passed or not. You leave the testing site filled with impending doom that you have completely rocked the test. Usually, if you take the test during the work week you find out within a couple of hours. Me? Oh no! I took it on a Saturday so I could stress out about it all weekend until I finally found out yesterday (Monday) at about 0930. Talk about a HUGE weight off...that was it. So, be careful out there in Virginia Beach....I may be coming to scoop up what is left after one of those "Hey...Watch this shit" moments!!!