Wednesday, January 15, 2020

A Record

Well, for me to be posting another blog post within a week of the last....the world must be coming to an end, lambs and lions are lying together, hell is a few degrees get the drift!

 So...I was looking at time and thought about a timeline of sorts:

56 years ago....Born
39 years ago...Graduated High School
30 years ago...Joined the Marine Corps
29 years ago...Graduated Amphibious Reconnaissance Course, assigned 1st Force Recon Company
23 years ago...Married the love of my life
22 years ago...My son is born
20 years ago...Selected as a Warrant Officer, 0430 Embarkation Officer
19 years ago...My daughter is born
13 years ago...Earned Associates Degree in General Studies
9 years ago.....Retired From US Marine Corps as Chief Warrant Officer 4
5 years ago.....Earned Bachelors Degree in Business/Project Management
4 years ago.....My son joins the US Army
6 months ago...Signed up to become a volunteer Emergency Medical Technician
2 months ago...Passed National Registry Test to become licensed EMT

I am sure there are some other dates that are important, but these dates make me the person I am today. 

Thursday, January 9, 2020

Life continues

Well, if you read this blog (and no one does) you will notice I suck at blogging. I think about adding things all the time but never get myself to actually do it. Then it all builds up and I finally decide I need to do something. It is not like it is hard to get to the sight of my blog, hell, I have a shortcut on my bookmarks bar. Just, heck, chalk it up to laziness. So, I got my NREMT and I graduated from the EMT course and have begun my time as an Intern. I will tell you there is differences on how we learn in the class and how we do on the street. Basics are there but the protocols dictate your actions. Yeah, we said you will do it this way in class but here in the "real world" we do it this way. That is a whole different level of learning and one I am currently working on. On a side not...I will tell you that driving an ambulance with lights and sirens blazing is pretty friggin cool!!!! On a reality note, people who call EMS for help are not calling on their best day. Many times they are damned scared and just want you to tell them it will be alright, and sometime, most times, you cannot do that. But the relief they feel when they see you walk in the door is noticeable. To those of you who know me (and judging from the readership of this blog that is no one) you will know that I would do anything for my family. I was away a lot during my time in the Corps and I suppose you could call it trying to make up for lost time. My children are better than I deserve after the hell I put my own parents through. I can thank my wife for that. She has been the bedrock of this family since I was lucky enough to marry her. That saying, all things are not peaches and roses between me and her. She does harbor serious resentment issues stemming from my time in the Corps when she feels she was shunted aside...and she was. The Corps does not give town damns that you are married and have kids, when they say go. I thought she understood that but apparently she had issues with it so they are manifesting themselves now. I will also tell you that I may not be the easiest person in the world to live with. Truth be told...all I really want out of life is a cabin in the woods, about 5-10 miles from a small town, facing south. A running stream would be nice to do a little fishing, some chickens for eggs, a garden to tend, and a chair on the porch to sit with morning coffee or an evening scotch/bourbon. Is that too much to ask?