Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sunday Morning....

I will admit it...I am the worlds worst blogger. Nobody has EVER read this blog but still, I should be a little more disiplined about the whole thing.

How about an update then? Well, My sone and I ran the Yuengling Shamrock 8K yesterday. I consider it a feat in many aspects: 1) I got my son to actually run 8K!! 2) I actually ran an 8K! My daughter ran the kids 1 mile race. I was with her at the start and, since they didn't tell me I couldn't doit, I ran it with her!! The knee felt, at times, like it was bone on bone grating but other times was great. It felt like old times. I rediscovered around the 2.5K mark that I really enjoy to run. I am going to keep this trend up.

Today we are kind of taking it easy. Started out the day with some really good coffe my wife made. I have fallen in love with the Nestle Coffee Mate Cafe Latte creamer. Of course, I got a small hazelnut coffe from Dunkin Donuts for the drive home!!