Monday, November 23, 2015

Still working

Well, i survived the first round of the lay-offs. But, the big round is coming. Yhe WARN notice said 650 personnel would get the axe. So far, 185 laid off and another 50 or so through attrition. So the math states that close to 400 will get the axe on 11 Dec with the final day being 18 Dec. we shall see. For the world in general. I am so unsure of what is going on in the world today. It feels as though I am living in the world of "1984". If you haven't read the book, do and tell me I am dreaming. Particularly about who we are mad at and who we are friends with.......Seriously, I want a mountain cabin off the grid so I can clear my mind of this nonsense. One of these days, that cabin will be a reality. A two room structure, with An outhouse, water, solar panels, and a wind generator. Think that would cover it. my own place where I can be a free man. Dreams like these keep me sane most days. I have been designing this cabin in my head for years, how it will be laid out, how I will construct it, what kind of land I want. I have read that POW's that were "guests" of the North Vietnamese would do the same thing. Is that telling me something?