Sunday, September 12, 2021

Working on old cars

Well, it is true I have not been posting.  The new job as a Program Manager is a "bit" more involved than my old 'sit in the cubicle and stare at computer screens" job!   Makes me look forward to weekends so much more!

i have never mentioned it, but I am a bit of a car nut.  have been since I was a pre-teen, drooling over cars in Hot Rod and Car Craft magazines.  At 18 I owned a 1970 RoadRunner (383 w/4-speed), a 1971 Cuda (340 w/ auto), and a 1970 Barracuda (383 w/ auto).  so here I am, 40 years later, and i can't afford a single one of those cars without taking a 2nd mortgage out on the house!!

To "feed my need' I have been carrying around a 1986 Mustang LX convertible, with a not so fancy 3.8l V-6, for the past 20 odd years.  It was my daily driver when stationed in Camp Lejeune, and then went into a 12 year hibernation in a storage unit is SW Kansas.  My son and I took a trip across the US and brought it back so we could work on it again.  And we did!  we replaced the fuel tank, all the ignition components and, with the help of the auto shop down the street, go it back up and running again.  Then the fuel injection system, an antiquated POS gave out.  

this leads us to where we are now.  The car sat, under a car cover in the driveway, for a couple of years.  I slowly acquired the parts and knowledge to dive back into the project, only this time I am converting the engine from that god forsaken fuel injection computer controlled garbage to a much more simple carburetor and electronic ignition.   

So, this posting is not to tell you that "HEY!!!  ITS ALIVE!!" but to give you an idea of what i have been up to lately.  The fuel system is completely redone.  I have made the wiring loom and installed the new distributor.  Now I have to do the most scary part......wiring.  I am not real comfortable with wiring and electonically issues is my car and I am going to do it!  Of course, I have a guide to do it!  I follow a blog called 'Four Eye Forum" which is dedicated to 1979-1986 Mustangs.  A great source of information and assistance.  

so...a few pictures!

When she first got home to Virginia

Wearing her new shoes!

I always wanted one of these gas pedals!!!

That is a lot of the old computer controlling nonsense that I removed.  Swear, after all of it was gone the front end of the car raised an inch or two!

This is the new fuel regulator and the ignition box.  I am using an old Ford Duraspark box as "disguise" for the GM HEI ignition module that is inside it!  Turns out they are easier to wire in and use than the Ford piece!  

Before you get the idea I am some sort of mechanical automotive is the schematic that i am following to do this!