Monday, March 21, 2016

Election year crap

Well it is official....I am completely burned out on politics. The really bad part about that is, and I am sure you are all aware, that it is really just beginning. The conventions haven't even been held yet! I can tell you this, the Republican convention can go one of two ways.....either the man with the most delegates gets the nod for the run, or the Republican Party will cease to exist. Like him or not, it looks as though Donald Trump will be the man with the most delegate but not the magic number needed to seal the deal. If the "establishment" robs him of the nomination, the Republican Party will cease to exist at that moment and we shall pretty much see an end to this great country. How in gods name a self avowed socialist and a straight up bald faced liar actually stand a chance to become president of this country......I am truly shocked and I am sure our founding fathers are rolling in their grave. I chalk it up to the current president and the way he has divided this country along so many seams. Color, race, income, sex, you name the way, he has ripped it apart. I really worry about this country and what we are leaving for our children to inherit. Did our parents have the same thoughts as they watched the politics of the day unfold?