Thursday, October 15, 2015

Well, I got a WARN notice a couple of weeks ago. Do not know what that is? Then you have never had the threat of being laid off held over your head. On Monday this week, Human Resources sent out a voluntary lay off, but this one had numbers of personnel for each management classification listed. It laid out the severance pay package. So i figured what the heck. I will submit and see if they bite. I had to have my boss sign the paper before it went to HR. I took it to her and she asked to take it to the VP and ask him what's what. I saw her later in the afternoon, she handed me back the paper and stated I was "not on the list".... Whatever that means. Guess I will continue riding the train until it continues past the crossroads or runs off the tracks! While all this is going on, the award I wrote for the Program got selected to try for a Silver award level. Huge honor to go in front of corporate staff and brief your program to them. I would really like to win this as the Gold awards are held in London!! Would love to see Trafalger Square, Lord Admiral Nelsons statue, and the HMS Victory. White cliffs of Dover would be awesome as well. but first, I must make one of the most awesome PowerPoint presentations ever to convince them we are doing Gods work here at NSR.