Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Wow.....has it been that long?

Well.....I decided I wanted to start a blog....and forgot i already had one! Been a few years since I last published anything. Still do not know if anyone reads this (and pretty much do not care)...this is for me. I left the shipyard life finally. Good money but there is more to life than stressing out and regretting hearing a phone ring. I am working in a cubicle now, a far cry from the vast shipyard I left. I am writing technical specs for the US Navy for ship repairs. Not exciting by any stretch but it pays the bills. I did start the EMT course here in Virginia Beach. I have been wanting to do that for a very long time and could never find the time. Well, I have discovered that if you wait for the time to become available, it never will so I made the time. I have been in class since June and will graduate in December. But, then it is massive study time to take the National Registry test. Damn difficult but nothing in life worthwhile comes easy as I have found. Been on two student runs thus far, my third is this Saturday, and it has been good. Was tepid on the first couple of calls but soon worked out of that....these people need help or they would not have called and I am that help. Saddle up cowboy, lives need saving! I have spent the last few years really trying to find myself after my retirement from the US Marine Corps. They took me in when no one else wanted to give me a chance and gave me a blank slate to do well or screw up as I saw fit. I "belonged" there. Now, I must find me again. EMT is really the first step in that. For my next thing I am thinking some sort of martial arts. Was always a fan of Tai Chi, even took a class in it back before I joined the Corps and loved it. But, that will take place after I pass my National Registry test!! Well, I hope to actually keep this thing rolling this time. Forgive me if I digress and do not post often. This was a couple of years ago but here is proud Dad with son at his family day prior to graduation from Fort Benning. Coffee, by the way, still kicks ass!!

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