Monday, June 15, 2020

Feel Horrible

I was sitting in my office doing the work at home thing when the wife calls from downstairs if I had my BB gun handy.  She said the squirrel was back ravaging the bird feeder.  I went into the garage and grabbed the pump gun instead of the "gentle" Red Ryder Daisy gun I typically use.  I pumped it up, aimed out the door, and fired.  I aimed for his butt but hit the squirrel mid back...paralyzing his back legs.  I immediately felt very guilty for wounding the animal and went outside to finish it off humanely.   The squirrel drug himself to the fence, climbed it, and got away before I could take care of it.  I feel horrible.  The little guy just wanted some food.  I wounded him, grievously, and now he is out hurt.  If I had killed it outright I do not think I would have felt like I do, but I wounded it and now it suffers.   Damn I feel horrible about it.


Gorges Smythe said...

He could have just been stunned and may recover yet. They're tough little critters.

deb harvey said...

Daughter told me to consider it to be squirrel food and tone pleased if the birds get some

watsonrg said...

Killing a squirrel with a pellet gun requires a head shot. Trust me on this.